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Discover your soulmate with DREAM-AVSP by NEXOWA, the ultimate matrimonial app designed to connect hearts and forge lasting bonds. Join our community to explore meaningful relationships and embark on a journey towards your dream partnership

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couples found soulmates.


Users used this app from Androids and IOS


USD saved by adoption AWS cloud-functions


For functional release of OBT, RTS and OGS

The Chalange

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Ensuring that Dream avsp functions seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms, given the differences in operating systems and user interfaces.

User Experience Design: Creating an intuitive and engaging user interface that simplifies the process of finding and connecting with potential matches.

Backend Stability: Managing the complexities of a Node.js backend, including handling user data securely and ensuring the app’s performance remains smooth and reliable under varying loads.

Data Privacy and Security: Implementing robust security measures to protect user data, a critical aspect for a matrimonial app where personal information is shared.

Strategic Planning: Conducting in-depth market research to identify user needs and defining unique features for Dream avsp.

What did
Nexowa do

Technology Selection: Choosing Flutter for frontend to ensure cross-platform functionality and Node.js for a robust, scalable backend.

User-Centric Design: Prioritizing intuitive UI/UX design for an engaging user experience across various devices.

Security Focus: Implementing stringent data security and privacy measures, crucial for a matrimonial app handling sensitive personal information.

Continuous Improvement: Utilizing user feedback post-launch to refine and improve the app’s features and performance.

Targeted Marketing: Employing a focused marketing strategy to effectively reach and engage the intended audience at launch.

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